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While the mobile market is growing, global mobile payments are still a challenge.
The global mobile payment market is approximately $714.8 billion as of 2017. It's an average 24.5% annual growth market. For nearby China, it is close to '$20 trillion' in 2017.

Compared to the size of the mobile payment market, there is no global mobile payment method that can be used freely across countries.

Cross-Border Payment & Service (Cross-Border Payment & Service) remains a difficult challenge to provide between payments provided by the same company.

Is there any way we can solve this problem?

Philips Pay Provides mobile payment to help everyone in every corner of the world
Foreigner is using the existing Alipay and Line Pay account that he owns through 'Philips Pay'. Koreans can pay for T-money, Happy Money, etc. in Korea as well as pay at the merchant store in the country through 'Philips Pay'.
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Phillips Pay Coin Introduce Movie

Global payment System by Blockchain

Business Model
We create a win-win development model
through sharing values with buyers and users

Philips Pay Coin (PPC) is an Etherium-based crypto currency that holds the value of assets.
It's available on the exchange. Philips Pay Money (PPM) is exchanged for the dollar, a key currency, at 1:1 and is used as a real economy currency.

Phillips Pay Coin Outstanding Features

Mobile Payments Across the Border

Crossing the border via the country's Pay and PPC Integrated Mobile Pay 

World-class technology

Highest level of developers and planners in the world on blockchain and fintech's

crypto currency

Increase the asset value of the PPC. Real Global of Cryptographic Money real-life use system

List a PPC on the exchange

PPC will List the cryptocurrency exchange.
Holders can withdraw from the exchange

Easy payment and remittance

Easily send money abroad.
Easy-to-use payment without waiting time

A money-refundable cryptocurrency

The kiosk device was used in convenience stores and money-lenders linked to TNG.
withdraw the  legal currency through QR code.


Philips Pay Coin Application to Innovate Existing Global Payments System with High Water and Limited Service

Our Goal
All-In-One Platform

Based on blockchain technology, the Philips Pay project is built on the participation of IT companies with the ability to match the needs of their customers with cryptocurrency exchanges and innovative mobile integrated payment systems.

Provide opportunities for all participants to achieve their own better benefits and demonstrate the convergence of innovative blockchain and fintech.

Realize greater value by
all the values of the world

All participants will be able to achieve their own better benefits. It offers opportunities and introduces an innovative blend of blockchain and fintech.

Team / Advisor

Great Team, Great People

Saemin Jeong
Mike Jee
Lucas Kim
Euisoon Kim
Yisu Lee
Yu Hyeon
Marketing Manager


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